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28 Aug

it’s hard to believe that one month has already passed since we arrived back in the states.  rachel and i jumped right back in, starting night shifts the very next day.  we sat in the hospital (children’s dallas) still reeling from the change of scenery and culture (not to mention time zone).  we were thrilled to have cold milk and well-delineated traffic lanes, yet we missed the greetings of the ghanians (“da-su-ba”) and the generous friendship of the guinean pastors (“what is your programme?”).  of course, before we knew it, we were all back in the swing of things, feeling at home in our world of abundant resources and crazy technology.

processing a trip like this takes time, and putting our reflections into words takes even longer.  i am so thankful that we took the time to post on our blog on a regular basis while we were there, because i now find myself at a loss.  i have sat at the computer multiple times this month, ready to summarize the things we did and the people we met — and i don’t know where to start.  our trip was so full of meaningful moments, sweet new friendships, difficult/rewarding work, and amazement at God’s creation… how do we put that in a paragraph or two?!

thank you for reading along with us — for laughing and crying with us, and for praying for us.  without you, our trip would have been completely different.  despite our struggle to find words, we are hoping to put together a summary letter.  and once we have, we will post it on here!  it may be another month before that happens, but we’ll do our best!

we love you guys.

– courtney

handing out stickers to my favorite little girls at the nutrition center.

out of africa

27 Jul

we have officially left the african continent! we arrived safely in paris, and will see you when we get home… more thoughts and pictures to come when we’re back in texas!

conakry, guinea

22 Jul

we arrived safely to conakry last night… the trip was seamless, and we are happy to be here.  rachel and adam were surprised to find that a completely new area of the airport had been built since their last visit!

we have been welcomed by so many people already, old and new friends.  we made several visits around the city today — a school called “emmaus”, the home of pastor sanyo, and a local clinic.  we are adjusting to the humid heat, but enjoying visiting with everyone.

we will not likely make it to the internet cafe often, but wanted to let everyone know that we arrived!  thanks again for all your love and prayers.

lots of posts

16 Jul

please take some time to scroll down and read, there are a lot of posts.

we were posting with the fear that the internet may be down in the coming days.