we wanted to answer a few questions that you may have…

1. why does this trip cost so much?  are you sure you calculated right?

we asked ourselves the same question!  and now that we have more information (i.e. plane tickets are purchased, etc.), we are glad to realize that the total cost is less than we originally estimated.  [instead of $4500 per person, it will be closer to $3600 per person, which totals $14,500 for the whole team.]

nevertheless, it is an expensive trip, and the best explanation is this: we are traveling to two african countries, instead of one.  this means paying for extra airfare between the two countries, separate one-way flights to/from africa, a separate visa to enter each country.

2. can you break it down just a bit?

we’d be happy to.  here are the basics, broken down for one person:

  • Plane ticket from USA to Ghana, Ghana to Guinea, Guinea to USA:  $2200/person
  • Round-trip flight between Accra (the capital of Ghana) and Nalerigu (location of the Baptist Medical Centre): $370/person
  • Visas to enter Ghana and Guinea: $160/person
  • Room & board for Ghana and Guinea ($15/day x 27 days): $405/person
  • Vaccines, malaria prophylaxis, insurance: $400/person
  • Miscellaneous expenses (bus fares, meals not at the hospital, laundry, etc): $100/person
  • Total =   $3635/person =   $14,540 for the team

3. are you sure you should spend so much on a short trip like this?

we are.  the question has certainly crossed our mind: couldn’t we give this same $14,500 to a great organization, and do more good?  and the answer is, yes!  we could.  and we plan to give on a regular basis, because God is doing great things through his people around the nation and the world, and He loves when we give generously for His kingdom.

yet, we feel that this trip is uniquely worthwhile.  we are not spending this money for the intrigue of “seeing africa” or “broadening our world awareness”, but rather because God is leading us to explore His call.  this trip is a one-time opportunity to see what can be done (ghana) and to see what remains to be done (guinea).  we feel strongly that He is asking us to go, so that he can guide and teach us, to prepare us for future ministry.

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