shopping in ghana

16 Jul

Leave it to Courtney and Rachel to find ways to shop in the middle of nowhere.  We went to the market on Tuesday afternoon to look for fabric.  Aaron drove us, but of course stayed in the truck rather than shopping with the girls.  He handed us 25 Ghana cedis (about $20) and said that was all we could spend.  Courtney found her favorite fabric in the first “shop” we stopped in, but unfortunately had to walk away when the ladies refused to sell us anything less than 6 yards.  We continued to walk around to different “shops” and Rachel came across a really fun navy, green and red fabric she likes.  Luckily, the lady agreed to sell her only 3 yards and cut the fabric in half (because all the pieces come in 6 yard sections apparently).  She paid 15 Ghana cedis – such a good deal.  We continued to wonder quickly through more shops since Aaron was waiting patiently on us in the truck.  Finally, we spotted the same fabric she liked from the first shop!  We were so excited.  We had to bargain with the lady selling the fabric, but eventually talked her into selling us 2 yards for our remaining 10 Ghana cedis – again, what a good deal!

We then brought the fabrics home and asked Joyce, Issa’s wife (Issa is the cook in our house at the BMC), to make us skirts.  She measured us quickly and took the fabrics home with her.  The skirts were delivered to us two days later, and she only asked 6 Ghana cedis for each.  So all total, our skirts cost about $15 each to make and are very fun.  We feel very African in them!  Rachel had left over fabric and so Joyce also made Adam a cover for his Kindle to protect it during our coming travels.  Overall, a very successful shopping adventure we think.

– Courtney & Rachel

3 Responses to “shopping in ghana”

  1. Karen Tucker July 17, 2011 at 7:29 pm #

    What a fun day – love those skirts!


  2. Tommy Tucker July 18, 2011 at 10:42 pm #

    I guess the things your Mom teaches you when you are kids never gets forgotten. SHOPPING! Love you Kiddo. Glad you got to have a FUN day.

  3. Marcela July 31, 2011 at 9:11 pm #

    great skirts! you both look super cute!

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