interesting factoids about our watchman, chini…

16 Jul

We learned an interesting fact about Chini the other day from Pastor Rebecca, one of the chaplains at the hospital.  Apparently, Chini suffers from asthma and has an inhaler for relief.  His worst attacks occur when he is angry, which surprised us because Chini is never angry – always smiling and singing the wrong words to his favorite songs.  But Rebecca informed us that Chini likes to pray for Christians who he thinks are not living like Christians, especially, she said, women who wear short skirts and shorts.  And when he prays for these women in short skirts, he gets very angry and often has an asthma attack, requiring his inhaler.  Classic Chini (isn’t he the cutest thing?)!

Chini also likes to play the guitar… and we don’t mean a normal guitar.  He owns an African guitar, a four stringed instrument with no frets.  The boys were lucky enough to get a live performance and luckily captured the show on video for the girls to enjoy as well.  We will post the video once we have good enough internet to support video downloads.  It’s amazing.

– Rachel & Adam

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