happy birthday to mr. adams!

14 Jul

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ADAM!!!  He turns 19 again today.  Here he is ready to celebrate (haha)!

And he got a motorcycle for his present! (just kidding, but he may be getting one when we get home.)

The other very important thing that happened today was a volleyball tournament in support of the nursing school.  The BMC put together a team made up of Aaron, Rachel, two peds nurses (Bruno and Maxwell), and two other Ghanians.  Aaron and Rachel were determined to teach them how to run a 5-1 (for those of you not familiar with volleyball, this means that there is one person who is always the setter).  It took awhile, but they finally convinced them that it is better than the current Ghanian system where whoever is in the middle on the front row is the setter.  We played against a team of six Ghanian men, all part of the nursing school.  We won the first game, they won the second game.  There were two other people from the BMC (both Ghanian) who wanted to play and so they substituted in for Rachel in the third game as well as one of the Ghanians.  Because of the substitutions, we had to switch back to the old way of playing and lost in the final game.  Despite the loss, we had a great time and provided some entertainment for the many people who came out to watch the tournament (probably about 60-70 people lined the court boundaries).  Everyone loved it when Rachel dove for a ball and rolled in the dirt, and people go crazy when Aaron spikes the ball for a kill.

We don’t have a lot of medical stuff to talk about for today, but one very exciting thing happened that we wanted to share… our comatose patient that Rachel has been following for the last several weeks who starting eating yesterday got to go home today.  His mom was smiling ear to ear and gave Rachel a huge hug before they left.  It made our day to see him leave.  Another good day.

Tonight, we had dinner with all the volunteers and career missionaries here at station meeting, a weekly gathering on Thursday nights that involves dinner, dessert, prayer time, worship music, and a message delivered by one of the volunteers.  Evan, one of the missionary kids, played guitar and led worship for us – it was so wonderful to sing praise to God together, especially after having such hard times this last week where God was our only strength.  After singing, Adam gave us a message out of the book of Mark that encouraged us all to share our faith more openly (see the blog titled “keeping secrets” for details).  Many people came up to him after to tell him how much they appreciated the discussion, making his wife so proud of him.  We then had mango cobbler with ice cream to celebrate Adam’s birthday after singing to him – so amazingly delicious!

– Rachel

3 Responses to “happy birthday to mr. adams!”

  1. Karen Tucker July 17, 2011 at 7:34 pm #

    Rachel – It made Jen and I laugh out loud to hear of you diving for a ball in the volleyball game – some things NEVER change. Sounds like a fun day!

    Adam – LOVE that motorcycle – is that the kind you’re getting when you get home? Tommy and Brian will be hard-pressed to find one like yours 🙂

    Love you both!

  2. Tommy Tucker July 18, 2011 at 10:49 pm #

    Happy birthday Adam!!! Man, 19 years old and already own a motorcycle. You’re really moving up to in the world. You are quiet the dare devil though riding without the helmet! Looking good man!

    And Rach – that competitveness never leaves us Tuckers does it! Wish I would have been there to see the dive and got to give you one of my patented yells from the stands! Love you guys and styill prying for you all!

  3. Caleb July 24, 2011 at 11:36 am #

    Happy late birthday, old man! (I finally got a day off and am catching up on the blog.) Sounds like it was one of your best, or at least it would be one of my best. (you’re cooler than me, so I’m not sure how it rates. Plus you’ve had a ton more of them.) I can just imagine that monkey riding behind you on that motorcycle. Keep trying diplomacy. Anyway, I loved the “keeping secrets” blog too. This post totally makes me homesick for our bible study. Glad the Ghanaians get to see how awesome y’all are. Praying,


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