oh happy day!

13 Jul

We want to thank everyone for their prayers and words of encouragement in response to our blog yesterday.  It means everything to us to read your comments and keeps our spirits up every day.  And we hope you are as blessed as we are to know that God is hearing all your requests, because we had such a wonderful day today.  I think He knew we were getting close to our limit and needed a little happiness.

We went for a run this morning – a little farther than before down toward the river, which was refreshing.  We then went to the wards for rounds, which went surprisingly efficiently.  We got to send so many children home today, and we saw tons of smiles – a rare occasion with our patients.  One in particular made our day.  He is a little 2 year old with cerebral malaria who was super sick last week with seizures that were difficult to control followed by a coma that had persisted for about 5 days.  Today, however, he was sitting up on his mother’s lap taking food by mouth from a spoon with his eyes open.  His mother had a huge smile on her face when talking about how much better he is doing.  He will likely get to go home soon – praise the Lord for his healing power!  Rachel also took care of a new admission that came in unresponsive during rounds after suffering from a seizure this morning.  She examined her quickly and then thought to take her glucose, which read as “Lo” on the glucometer.  Rachel gave dextrose (essentially sugar water) through her IV using a syringe and about half way through, the girl opened her eyes and starting looking around.  It felt so good to fix someone!  So glad we went ahead and bought that glucometer to bring with us.

We then went to clinic and saw lots of malaria again, but more “well” children than earlier this week.  We handed out toys to many and actually got several smiles and laughs in return… what a sweet sound.  Courtney saw a seven month-old girl who was referred from Public Health for neck muscle weakness.  Sure enough, as she sat in her mother’s lap, it was apparent that she had very poor head control.  Her mom told us that she had never developed good strength, since birth; she cannot sit up, roll over, or lift her head.  Unfortunately, it was obvious that we were not going to be able to fix her problem, knowing that it was likely a permanent condition.  We consulted with Dr. Hewitt, who noticed that she had some subtle features suggesting Down Syndrome.  We are going to look into whether there is a place that she could go for physical therapy.  Yet, even with a diagnosis for which we have no treatment, she brought us so much joy today.  Among all the kids who are scared and crying, she had a huge smile and the sweetest giggles you’ve ever heard.  Every time we would look at her and smile, she’d grin right back and give a big laugh.  We gave her one of the plush flowers that Rachel’s mom sent along… could she be any cuter?!

– Courtney & Rachel



One Response to “oh happy day!”

  1. Karen Tucker July 16, 2011 at 11:37 am #

    It was wonderful to see the joy in your blog today – so thankful you had a great day. The picture of the little girl was so precious – just a hint from the PT side if you see the Mom again – have her place her baby in prone and reach for a her toy to work on her head control from that position; and, have her hold the baby around her middle and let her “hang” that way and then prompt her with a toy or other object to raise up her trunk and head. It will be such fun to be there with you all and feel there is some PT contribution to be made 🙂 Can’t wait!

    We continue to pray daily for God’s hand to guide you all and are so thankful for a “happy day.”

    Love you all!

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