things we miss…

11 Jul

things we miss…

  • our families.
  • turkey sandwiches.
  • cold milk (or any milk other than powdered, for that matter).
  • cereal with cold milk.
  • normal bowel patterns.
  • reliable plumbing.
  • clean feet.
  • mexican food and guacamole.
  • cuddling with our husbands (it’s usually too hot for that here).
  • fresh strawberries, peaches, salad, bell peppers, corn on the cob, tomatoes, and all those other delicious fruits and veggies in season (hello, canned peas and mushrooms).
  • ice cream (blue bell, if you want specifics).
  • looking (and smelling) nice.
  • whole foods pizza.
  • a clean shower (i.e. one not filled with red dirt).
  • paved roads.
  • our own comfy beds (queen-size with soft sheets and fluffy pillows — instead of two twin-size beds pushed together).


don’t worry, we don’t miss candy… we brought it all with us.

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