market day

3 Jul

This morning was busy at the hospital with several new admissions yesterday and overnight. We had planned on rounding and then going to church with the boys, but we had a patient get pretty sick on us right before leaving and so stayed at the hospital until lunch time. We were pleased to see that our little boy with cerebral malaria had greatly improved and was sitting up, eating breakfast with his mom after we switched his medications yesterday. The little 2 month old with a distended abdomen was also looking much better after we held his feeds yesterday due to our concern for NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis). Unfortunately, we had to hold feeds later this afternoon after his belly became distended again with small feeds through the morning. We are still baffled by the boy with fever for 10 days – we at least were able to figure out his abdominal pain today and added some antibiotics to broaden his coverage for possible bacteria. He received 3 boluses total today, and his blood pressure remains a little scary tonight – pray for him to heal. We were able to use more of our supplies today – formula for a premature baby that has lost weight because mom’s milk production has slowed, and Miralax for significant constipation causing severe abdominal pain. We also passed out stickers today – most of the kids didn’t quite know what to do with them, but some of them at least smiled. [The children here are incredibly well-mannered and so sweet – but in the hospital, they all seem very shy, and are especially timid – probably a little fearful of these white people who are examining them.]

After lunch (vegetable and noodle soup with biscuits), we all went to the market. We bought onions, peppers, garlic and coconut. We had planned to make guacamole, but avocados won’t be sold until the next market day (Wednesday), so that will have to wait. We hope to make yummy omelets in the morning for breakfast. The market was very busy and full of vendors selling food, fabric, and clothing. It smelled of smoked fish, herbs, peppers, and smoke from the women cooking over an open flame.

This evening, we had a 4th of July celebration – baseball, burgers, watermelon, baked beans, cole slaw, apple pie, and the most amazing mango cobbler. Afterwards, we spent some time looking up answers to questions we had on the wards today… it’s amazing how much motivation there is to learn, when we’re in charge of our patients!

– Courtney & Rachel

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